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How to Copy an Email

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You can re-use the design, layout and content of an email that has already been created by making a copy of that email. For more information on how to edit and make changes to an email, from the EasyContact Main Menu, click on the "Online Help" link under "Help & Support" in the right-hand gray box to go to the "Online Help Center." Then, search for the "How to Edit an Email" Help document.

To make a copy of an email:

  • Click the “Manage Emails” tab near the top of the EasyContact application screen.
  • Find the email you want to copy in the "Existing Emails" list. Then, click the edit icon in the far-right column to make a copy of the email. Copy
  • EasyContact will lead you through the same steps as creating an email, including:
    • Entering “Email Details” including Company Information, Sender Email Address, Email Information and Social Networking information.
    • Choosing Contacts you wish to send your email to. In the "Choose Contacts" step, you can also create new contact lists and import contacts to these lists.
    • Choosing a template in the “Choose a Template Category” and “Choose a Template” steps.
    • Customizing the template by adding your own text, pictures, logo and more using the editing toolbar.
    • Previewing or sending a test email if you wish.
    • Scheduling the email for delivery.

Note: For more information on how to edit an email, choose contacts and other steps in the process, from the EasyContact Main Menu, click the "Online Help" link under "Help & Support" in the right-hand gray box to go to the"Online Help Center." There, you'll find Help documents on these topics and more, including "How to Copy an Email", "How to Edit an Email", "How to Choose Contacts", "How to Make Changes to an Existing Email" and more.

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