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Email Marketing 101

Additional Resources

Looking for some in-depth insight into email marketing? The search ends here.

  • Review this list of 10 of the most recent and useful email marketing resources available today. Find the resource that fits your unique needs. Or, access a list of small business email solutions to help you create your email messages.
  • 1. Email Marketing: A Guide to the Internet's Most Effective Marketing Tool

    By Mary R. Butler - CreateSpace, 2009

    This email marketing resource suggests that email marketing is the most powerful marketing tool because the consumer has given his or her permission to be communicated with. That's not the case with TV commercials or banner ads on websites. You'll learn the basics of email marketing, creating an email list, best practices and strategies, and laws pertaining to email marketing.
  • 2. Email Marketing: An Hour a Day

    By Jeanniey Mullen - Sybex, 2008

    This step-by-step guide provides tips for using email to achieve better results, using email analytics to improve your efforts and developing email strategies for mobile devices and social networks. In addition, you'll learn what not to do when you send an email and how to set up video- and audio-enabled emails.
  • 3. The Truth About Email Marketing

    By Simms Jenkins - FT Press, 2008

    The Truth About Email Marketing provides 49 email marketing best practices for small business owners. Discover tips and tools for email budgeting and ROI, developing a customer-focused email strategy, creating and growing an email list, and measuring email performance. You will also gain insight on where email is likely headed in the near future.
  • 4. Opt In Email List Building

    By John S. Rhodes - CreateSpace, 2009

    This email marketing resource provides tips and best practices for creating opt-in email marketing distribution lists. Discover recommendations for keeping your new subscribers engaged and interested, as well as methods to continuously grow your list. The book provides insight whether you are just beginning an email campaign or if you already have a campaign established.
  • 5. Web Marketing for Small Businesses

    By Stephanie Diamond - Sourcebooks Inc., 2008

    This resource for small business owners provides insight into not only email marketing, but web marketing in general. The book is written by the founder of marketing agency Digital Media Works and former AOL marketing director. Gain tips for working with social networking sites, choosing the right online tactics and tools, and evaluating customer behavior and actions.
  • 6. Get Content. Get Customers.

    By Newt Barrett and Joe Pulizzi - Voyager Media Inc., 2008

    This book suggests that customers are now more knowledgeable than ever before about what they want to buy. Therefore, businesses must provide content that helps them make informed decisions. Adding content to your marketing efforts, including in email marketing campaigns, will attract new customers and set you apart from your competition.
  • 7. Online Tools for Small Businesses

    By Will Murphy - Innovo Press, 2009

    Written specifically for small business owners who want to take advantage of all the Internet has to offer, this book provides more than 200 websites that can help you launch a website, start a blog and create an email newsletter. You'll discover tips for marketing your business, using advertising, and tracking and analyzing website traffic.
  • 8. Cunningly Clever Marketing

    By Andrew Wood - Select Press, 2009

    This email marketing resource contains ideas, tactics and strategies to help you increase sales through email and other marketing efforts. You'll find graphics, examples and stories demonstrating how to boost email delivery rates, build a sizable customer database and quickly generate significant returns from email campaigns.
  • 9. The Complete Guide to Email Marketing: How to Create Successful, Spam-free Campaigns to Reach Your Target Audience and Increase Sales

    By Bruce C. Brown - Atlantic Publishing Company, 2007

    The Complete Guide to Email Marketing demonstrates how to build stronger customers relationships, generate leads and sales, quickly build your email list and avoid spam filters. You will also find information regarding the optimal days and times to send emails, email marketing ethics, writing effective copy and using pop-ups. The book's many tips are complemented by real-world case studies.
  • 10. Email Marketing by the Numbers: How to Use the World's Greatest Marketing Tool to Take Any Organization to the Next Level

    By Chris Baggot and Ali Sales - Wiley, 2007

    This email marketing resource provides insight on how to improve email marketing campaigns. It offers information for determining customer engagement, building a more effective database and segmenting email lists to create more relevant communication. Gain insight on creating useful and relevant content, designing viral email marketing campaigns and testing to fine-tune campaigns.

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