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One effective method to improve email marketing is to create highly targeted email advertising campaigns.

  • Targeted email advertising involves sending specific product information and promotions to customers based on past buying behavior, preferences and clicking patterns (i.e., which links they clicked on in your email or on your website).

    Establishing which information to send to whom isn't as difficult as it may sound. Easily track campaigns with the EasyContact Intelli-Read real-time reporting tools. You can determine customers who opened your emails, customers who didn't open your emails and links that were clicked on.

    Using these types of web analytics to create targeted email advertising campaigns can produce 9 times the revenue and 18 times the profits of broadcast campaigns, according to a JupiterResearch study.

    Once you've analyzed your reporting data, you're ready to try out some of these targeted email advertising techniques:

    1. Email a coupon for 10% off any product or service to customers who haven't purchased products in awhile. Or, send them an invitation to a special event at your store.

    2. Study your reporting data to look for customers who have shown interest in a product by clicking on a link, but who did not purchase. Nurture that interest by emailing them additional information or a coupon for the product. Or, send a short case study illustrating how the product has benefited another customer.

    3. Send a targeted email advertising message to re-engage customers who haven't opened your emails in awhile. Tweak the subject line to make it as appealing and exciting as possible for these “sleepy” customers. Or, send a personal message asking for input on how to improve your email communications.

    4. Create a targeted email marketing campaign with offers and information on complementary products based on what customers have recently purchased.

    If you haven't already harnessed the power of EasyContact to maximize success, sign up to get started with EasyContact !

To enjoy the full benefits of email marketing, find out more about our EasyContact Packages.

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