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If you aren't taking advantage of targeted email campaigns to promote your products or services, what better time than right now?

  • Just consider how many of your potential customers use email today:

    • More than 90% of Internet users between the ages of 18 and 72 send and receive email. In fact, it's the top online activity, according to Pew Internet and American Life Project.
    • 74% of Internet users over 64 send and receive email, the most popular online activity for the group. Clearly, email campaigns aren't just for the younger generations.
    Thanks to the tremendous amount of Internet users sending and receiving email, email marketing is expected to grow 63% to 258 billion in 2013, according to Forrester's 2008 US Email Marketing Volume Forecast.

    But rest assured, you don't have to have a business degree or be a web programmer to launch a targeted email campaign and reap the rewards. Just follow these 3 simple steps to get started!

    Step 1: Determine how your customers will sign up to receive your messages.

    First things first: Decide how you will create an email list of recipients.

    Opt-in Email Campaign - With opt-in emailing, your customers chose to receive your messages by filling out a form and providing their contact information. Opt-in emailing has really become the standard for most businesses to send announcements, updates, discounts or specials. You could even provide double opt-in: After customers sign up, they must verify by responding to a confirmation email.

    Opt-out Email Campaign - Instead of giving customers the option to receive your messages upfront, you automatically place them on your email list. If they want to stop receiving emails, they must notify you.

    Step 2: Choose the type of message you'd like to send.

    Ask yourself, "What sort of information do I want to send my customers or prospects via email?" Would you like to provide product and sales announcements, tips and resources, or a combination? There are two very different forms of email messages that you can use depending on your answer:

    Email Newsletter - Creating an email newsletter is an effective way to promote your product or service while providing valuable resources and information for your customers. With this method, you can avoid coming across as overly "salesy." Instead you will be seen as a trusted source of information and thought leader among customers. For example, if you own a dress boutique, your newsletter could offer tips for dressing your best. If you own a café, your newsletter could provide a "Top 10 Reading List."

    Advertisement or Promotional Email Message - Email campaigns can also be used for direct advertising. With this method, you could provide your customers coupons, special event announcements such as sales, new product offerings or company news.

    Step 3: Set an email campaign schedule based on how often you want to communicate with customers.

    You might be tempted to contact your customers as often as possible through email, but more is not always better. Sometimes sending emails slightly less often will keep your customers more engaged and interested. Try to find a balance so that your business and products stay top of mind without overwhelming your customers.

    Here are a few tips for determining the frequency of email messages:

    • Make sure you are only sending emails when you have pertinent, useful information or announcements.
    • When customers sign up to receive your emails, ask them how often they would like to receive emails.
    • Check out your competition, and determine how often they are communicating with their customers.

    • Keeping these 3 steps in mind, you're ready to start your targeted email campaign with EasyContact from Deluxe. EasyContact walks you through every step of the process:

      1. Create your email campaign
      2. Send your email campaign
      3. Track your results.

      Launching your targeted email campaign is as easy as that! Ready to get started? Sign up for EasyContact today!

To enjoy the full benefits of email marketing, find out more about our EasyContact Packages.

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