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  • Why would I choose EasyContact over other email marketing solutions?

    EasyContact is easy to use, no experience is necessary and you don't even need to know HTML. Our email Wizard will guide you through the steps to easily create, send and track your email campaigns. EasyContact has some of the most affordable email marketing packages available and provides a 60-day free trial, allowing you ample time to get started. In addition, customers have access to 24 hour phone, chat and email support to assist you when YOU need it.

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  • Will EasyContact work with my internet browser?

    EasyContact works best with Internet Explorer 7 and up, Firefox 3.0 and up, as well as Chrome 14.

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  • What is a Subscriber Form?

    A Subscriber Form allows you to gather prospect or customers email addresses and automatically place them into a Contact List within EasyContact. The form is configurable to allow you to customize which data you wish to request from the subscriber. The form can be placed into your website, in emails, on social network sites, instant messages, or blog posts.

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  • How do I set up my EasyContact account?

    It is easy to set up your EasyContact account. Our email Wizard will help you through the easy step-by-step process. After you have logged in, simply click Create an Email from the main application window:

    1. Your company contact information (phone number, address, email address etc. will already be populated with what you provided when you signed up. 2. Your email address, that you provided when you signed up, will already be populated as the sending email address. You will need to go to your email account, find a "verification email" from EasyContact, and click on a link in the email to validate the email. 3. Start creating email campaigns by providing an Email Name and Subject Line and selecting any of the additional features on the screen.

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  • Do I need to know HTML to create an email?

    No. The application is based on a simple step-by-step process allowing you to create an email and set up a mailing list without any knowledge of HTML.

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  • What can I customize in an EasyContact template?

    EasyContact templates are simple to use and modify. You can easily:

    • Select from a variety of templates
    • Add or remove "blocks" of text and images
    • Add, change, resize and move images
    • Add website links to both text and images
    • Add and modify headlines and copy text
    • Adjust font color and size
    • Add your logo

    There are many templates to choose from to get you started. If you prefer to get started quickly you may choose a template specific to your line of business or a specific need like a press release or holiday template. If you prefer to do more customization, you may want to start with one of our generic templates that begin with basic colors and simple patterns.

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  • What kind of image (formats) can I upload and use in EasyContact?

    You can upload the following image formats to EasyContact:

    • jpg or jpeg
    • gif
    • png

    By using our image optimization feature with larger images (click the "Optimize" check box) you will be able to maintain the integrity of the picture and convert it to a more practical size for use in EasyContact.

    Note: If you plan to upload a header-sized image, you'll get best results if your custom image has a width of 600 pixels.

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  • Why does my sent email look different than when I previewed it?

    Generally speaking, various email providers display emails differently and support different functionality. For the most part, this applies to image display, link configuration and margins.

    Microsoft Outlook tends to display emails correctly in most cases. For this reason, we suggest testing your emails with other email clients such as Yahoo, Gmail, AOL etc, to review how it would appear when sent to recipients using those email providers.

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  • How do I schedule an email?

    You can select "Send Now" or schedule a future date and time for your email to be sent as the last step in the Email Wizard. Additionally, you can coordinate a "Welcome Email" sent to all new subscribers to your email list by using the Auto-Responder feature available on the last screen of the Email Wizard.

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  • What are my options for importing my contact lists?

    For your convenience EasyContact supports importing lists from:

    • Gmail
    • Yahoo
    • Windows Live (hotmail)
    • Outlook

    EasyContact also accepts Excel and Comma Separated Value (CSV) files. Or, you can simply copy and paste your email addresses directly into an EasyContact list.

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  • What happens to my list after I upload it?

    Your email addresses are safely stored on our servers, protected by the best firewall and security measures available and only you will be able to access it with your login and password. EasyContact will never share, rent or sell your list.

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  • Can I send emails using any email address?

    Yes. EasyContact enables you to use any email address as a sender email address. You will need to follow instructions for validating each email address that you set up as a sending email address.

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  • Is there any limit on the number of email addresses (contacts) I can send to in a single email campaign?

    Yes. The number of email addresses you can send to in a single campaign is dependent upon the pricing plan you are on. There are conditions that prohibit the use of EasyContact for the purposes of spam (sending to non-permission based email addresses) and other types of inappropriate email marketing activities. Please consult the End User License Agreement for details.

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  • Can people automatically unsubscribe from my list?

    Yes. Our process is automated, so a person can simply click the 'unsubscribe link' in the footer of your email and they will be automatically blocked from future emails.

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  • My account has been blocked. Why? What can I do about it?

    We have very strict anti-SPAM policies. If your emails generate and unusual amount of SPAM complaints; if your mailings cause a major block against EasyContact servers; or if it appears you are sending unsolicited emails, our abuse monitoring system will temporarily block your account from sending emails.

    Prohibited types of contact include in general ALL EMAIL ADDRESSES TO WHICH YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO SEND

    • purchased lists of email addresses
    • distribution mailing lists, i.e., alias email addresses that mail to multiple email addresses
    • "role" email addresses and generic email addresses, e.g.,, or unless permission can be proved
    • all generic addresses that are likely to be false, e.g.,,, unless permission can be proved
    • all collected or "harvested" email addresses obtained by scraping web pages or other internet services
    • all email addresses that have previously requested removal from your list

    Overall, using EasyContact to send any unsolicited email to anyone who has not given you explicit permission to send to them is prohibited by CAN SPAM laws.

    To discuss the status of your account please contact us at: or 1-888-740-0552 x2.

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  • How do I view the results of my emails?

    You can view the results of your sent emails in 3 different areas:

    • At-a-Glance - when you log in to EasyContact, the main menu screen provides activity reporting and stats on your recently sent emails.
    • Quick Summary - the Manage Emails tab will provide you with basic information on all of the emails you have created including modified date, sent or schedule date as well as performance stats.
    • Detailed Reporting - the View Results tab provides detailed statistics and graphs on your sent emails, lets you to generate reports and even allows you to compare emails, side by side.

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  • Do you provide information on bounced emails?

    Yes. We have a bounce management feature that allows you to see if any of the email addresses you have sent emails to have bounced. You can then easily delete them from your contact list.

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  • How do I change my EasyContact Plan?

    You can change Pricing Plans at any time. To change plans, follow these three easy steps:

    • Log in to EasyContact
    • Click the "Change Billing Plan" at the top of the page
    • Your current plan will be checked. Click on the plan you want and click "Apply"
    • OR call 1.888.740.0552 and press 1 to speak with our sales team
    If you are changing from one plan to another in the middle of a billing cycle, you will be charged according to your old plan until the new plan officially takes effect.

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  • In what circumstances will I be required to provide credit card information?

    No credit card is required for the Free 60 Day Trial. If you sign up for any of the new EasyContact Plans, other than the Free Trial, you will be prompted to provide your credit card when you sign up.

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