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Email Marketing Resource Guide

Targeted email campaigns are highly effective for promoting brands, products and services. But to give your campaign an extra punch, try these 10 email marketing ideas designed to maximize sales.

  • 1. Be upfront with customers when they sign up for your emails.

    Be open and honest about email frequency and content provided. Customers who sign up with accurate expectations will be more likely to purchase down the road.
  • 2. Communicate consistently.

    Don't expect to achieve significant results from just one email. Instead, create a holistic campaign that reinforces your brand and keeps products top-of-mind for customers.
  • 3. Write an effective subject line.

    Your customers will never get to the buying stage if they don't open your email. Keep subject lines direct and to the point (maximum 50 characters). An effective email marketing idea is to write a subject line that inspires a bit of curiosity.
  • 4. Offer an incentive for your customers to buy.

    Consider offering your customers a discount on their purchase or providing them with a complementary gift. To create an enticing incentive for each customer, personalize your offers based on past buying behavior.
  • 5. Create a countdown to build excitement and create a sense of urgency.

    Encourage customers to buy by notifying them that a special offer will begin in 7 days. Or send them a reminder that they have just 2 more days to take advantage.
  • 6. Customize your email messages.

    Another email marketing idea for increasing sales: Leverage the information you have on customers to personalize messages. Address them by name, and customize messages based on past buying behavior, geographic location or age group.
  • 7. Complement promotional materials with useful content.

    Go beyond simply offering new product information, coupons and sales announcement. Improve your email marketing campaign by also providing relevant information, tips and news items.
  • 8. Leverage content inspired by your customers to increase loyalty.

    Asking your customers for their opinions, preferences and thoughts on relevant topics certainly strengthens relationships - and it can be turned into great content, such as a customer Q&A, for your email messages. When customers feel valued by your business, they're more likely to purchase.
  • 9. Provide a clear, direct call to action.

    Be careful not to dilute your call to action - i.e., “download this coupon” or “click here to purchase” - with too many conflicting messages. Be mindful of the number of links included in your messages. Look at your message as a customer would: Is the call to action completely clear?
  • 10. Simplify the purchasing process as much as possible.

    If your email contains a promotional code for customers, make sure it's quickly and easily located within the message. If you're allowing your customers to purchase online, make sure the process is secure, quick and simple. Ask for as little information as you need to speed the process.

    For even more email marketing ideas, check out some of the email marketing resources we've compiled.

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